London Designer Outlet is the first designer outlet to open in London, and boasts 85 shops, 15 restaurants and a 9-screen cinema, with a mix of high street and brand names.

London Designer Outlet : Launch

Inferno has launched a new campaign for The Money Advice Service (MAS). The work serves to drive awareness and use of MAS, to help people with any questions about money.

Money Advice Service : Ask ‘MA’

Our new campaign for the Fairtrade Foundation launched on Monday. The idea is simple – to demonstrate the power we all have to help farmers in the developing world get a fair price for their crops, simply by buying Fairtrade.

Fairtrade : Finding Hannah

Inferno was appointed to deliver a confident and innovative communications campaign to position Sky as the number one choice in the market, differentiating it from an increasingly complicated competitive set.

Sky : The Sky Difference

The campaign encourages parents to talk to their children to make them aware what is right and what isn’t. Ultimately, the thought is that a dialogue between parent and child is the best way to protect them from abuse, but also that it is probably easier to do than they might imagine. But rather than [...]

NSPCC : The Underwear Rule

Ghassan is one of the oldest jewellery brands in the middle east, with generations of experience dating back to 1885. Ghassan had never established a clearly defined brand, nor had it ever directly communicated with consumers. All that was about to change.

Ghassan : Shine

The Dungeons is part of the Merlin Entertainment Group and there are now eight Dungeons across Europe. Inferno was briefed to update the entire Dungeons brand and create a stir around the fact that the world famous London Dungeon was moving to the Southbank.

The Dungeons : Re-launch


If we do something about child cruelty today, we can stop it happening tomorrow. Prevention BEFORE cruelty. It’s as simple as that.
It’s the key to ending abuse and neglect towards children. Our commercial takes place before any cruelty has occurred.


toptable therefore needed a memorable campaign to make them front of mind again in 2013, an impactful concept that would re-establish their brand story and drive trial. Our solution was very simple, go back to the root of what dining can do for us; but have ‘the table’ tell the story. Because a table, is more than just a table, it’s a witness and a stage for some of the most memorable moments in our lives.

toptable : I am a table

Following our win of the RESCUE Remedy account last year, we have successfully delivered a multi-channel campaign for RESCUE Night. It was a really lovely brief, and the pitch winning creative was so well received that we ran with the original concept.

Rescue Remedy : RESCUE night

We took to the skies of London to spread a little love this Christmas. For every kiss captured under our Mistlecopter, we gave £5 to the NSPCC.

Inferno : The Mistlecopter

We needed to bring beer connoisseurs into the St Stefanus story without it feeling like they were being lectured or marketed to – they want to discover great beers for themselves. Everything had to feel ‘authentic’, small batch and true to the monastic origins of the product.

SAB Miller : St Stefanus

The launch of new additions to the Nokia Lumia range marked a new chapter for Nokia and so a new look & feel was needed to reflect that. Enter ‘This is Lumia’.

Nokia : This Is Lumia

A press campaign which ran before, during and after the Olympics. The problem was, every brand wanted to communicate Olympic themed press ads during this time, so standing out was key.

Nokia : Beautifully Different

We wanted to fight the expected, to disrupt and delight our shoppers. Using striking and surprising engagements, we wanted to create richer retail moments that sparked curiosity about the Nokia range.

Nokia : Helsinki Flagship Store

Our challenge was to revamp the existing Bertolli website into something that drives traffic and increases dwell time through engaging content, rather than relying on promotions and competitions.

Unilever : Nonna Rosa

Our first brand campaign for Dove Spa was designed to attract and acquire new guests over Summer 2012 through impactful design and creative messaging.

: Summer Confidence

The $#*! Kids Say is a short film directed by Amanda Boyle for the NSPCC, asking you to trust your instincts when you think things aren’t quite as they should be. If you’re worried about a child, need advice, or want to talk, ‘don’t wait until you’re certain’.

NSPCC : The $#*! Kids Say

If we can open peoples’ eyes and minds to the amazing all around them, they feel more positive about their day, about life, and their interactions with the world. And we will give the device an integral role in how people discover, create and share the amazing everyday.

Nokia : The Amazing Everyday

In the lead up to Christmas 2011 we asked: How many ways can you give a fiver? Well, ‘Guerilla Good Will’ hit the streets of London with extra special surprises for all.

Inferno : Guerilla Good Will

In our first year promoting “All I want for Kissmas” on Kiss, we helped to generate 25,000 entries. In 2010 we were briefed to do even better, without any material change to the promotion itself. Father Kissmas was born and we delivered over 57,000 entries. And in 2011; same promotion, same brief, Old Daddy Kissmas has helped generate 150,000 entries.

Kiss : Father Kissmas

We created ‘This Guy’, a competition amongst the media agencies of London, to immerse their staff in the LinkedIn product, and learn the advertiser benefits of LinkedIn along the way.

See for yourself at

LinkedIn : The Man Who Made His Own Luck

Portraits of pristine pets’ bums created standout and gave us the perfect platform to talk about the product’s efficacy. The creative idea transferred seamlessly across press, online, DM and more. Purina achieved record market share, growing by 12.3% in terms of overall value share, while Hills – the market leader – fell by 6.8%.

Purina : No Messing

We have produced a full retail campaign to celebrate AEG’s 50 years of dishwashing. Next year we are rolling out a pan-European retail promotion for AEG across over ten countries. Our creative spans premium point of sale, innovative brand presence elements, consumer leaflets, retail films and toolkits. Campaigns for both brands will launch in 2012.

Electrolux : Electrolux

Global campaign to support 1000′s of Nokia stores around the world.

Nokia : Drive To Store

Nokia have some excellent environmental credentials, being the most ecological aware telecoms company, as cited by Greenpeace. We were asked to produce an eco campaign with an eco look and feel.

Nokia : Eco Pack

The merest mention of ‘Nando’s provokes spontaneous expressions of craving (’Mmmmmmm!’, ‘Gimmme gimmeeeee!’, ‘YUMMMM!’, etc). This campaign celebrates the best ‘Nando’s Noises’ in a series of user generated radio and online ads. Online we also ran a voting phase to find The Ultimate Nando’s Noise.

Nando's : Nando’s Noise

After the success of Route 66, Auto Trader once again came to us to boost their Facebook fan base. We created a competition where fans could win one of three amazing road trips, each engrained with their own unique personality. To win you just had to tell us which one was perfect for you.

Autotrader : The Greatest Road Trips

The London Eye is a global icon – but visitor numbers were slipping. We devised a series of in-capsule experience packages designed to offer more than just a unique view of the capital: a Valentine’s capsule with champagne and chocolates; a private dining capsule with fine wine and haute cuisine.

London Eye : Where Will It Take You?

Across the world, there’s more that unites us, than separates us, including why we travel.

Nokia : Travel

In November 2010 the dreaded agency Christmas card brief hit the creative department. Take a look at what we unleashed on the world.

Inferno : Auntie Carols

We were asked to help deliver long term behaviour change and category growth by repositioning Hellmann’s as more than just a condiment.

Unilever : BBQs Love Hellmann’s

In 2009 our ‘Get closer than ever before’ campaign captured the imagination as we relaunched the London Aquarium as the ‘SEALIFE London Aquarium’, the public visited in record numbers. “I wish every creative agency we worked with were as enthusiastic in embracing new things!” – Dan Whitmarsh, Associate Director, Mediacom

Sealife : Any closer and you’ll have to get wet

Using the endline ‘Never Stop Asking’, our campaign featured four BBC Arabi presenters making a pledge, in person, to the people of the Arab world. The campaign launched and BBC Arabi was credited with a premium campaign in tune with the Arab speaking world and was also nominated for four Promax awards.

BBC : Never Stop Asking

When Kiss came to us our first task was to leverage their existing brand line “Music Is Life”. We stripped the concept of life right back to its core and created simple, striking executions.

Kiss : Music Is Life

We created a campaign, which focused on the emotion of surprise, demonstrating and measuring emotional reactions to the experiences of shopping successfully. The work increased visitor affluence and spend, for our retail client.

Festival Place : Surprises

Ultimately we settled on the creative idea: “Try life in another language”. The campaign really struck a chord with the audience. On a lightweight media spend of 300 TVRs the TV advertising alone reached recognition levels of around 70% and we drew over half a million visits to the website.

DCSF : Try Life In Another Language

This ‘Unexpected Performance’ viral racked up over 620,000 hits on Youtube and drove a 23% uplift in sales. As a result visitors were up a whopping 72% from the month before our campaign launched. The brand maintained a higher level of prompted brand awareness than its biggest competitor who invested 196% more over the same period. : When was the last…

A true insight into Honda that surfaced during the creative process when interviewing a farmer who swore by both his hands, and his Honda. The only two things he needed to get his job done.

Honda : Hands

Honda wanted to remind avid gardeners that their range of products is not only good for their garden, it’s also good for the environment.

Honda : Seed Mailer

So far we have created carnivorous carrier bags, got well and truly Viking on a bus in York and given Edinburgh the finger – all in the name of ‘scary fun’. Our ‘Bloody Mary’ digital 6-sheet and tube car panels for London Dungeon are featured here. They made the tube even more nightmarish than usual.

The Dungeons : Surgery – Blood and Guts

Long copy is often considered a lost art. But these Honda press ads combine both long copy and beautifully designed typography to demonstrate the competitive nature Honda exemplifies when making their sports quads, mirroring their riders.

Honda : Pain, Almost, Fear, Failure

540,000 registration forms were actively downloaded – a record 1200% increase from the 2005 General Election. There were also 2.1 million unique visits to the website – a 1000% increase. According to the COI, it was the best performing government campaign on record.

Electoral Commission : Make Sure Nothing Stops You Voting

To make Jameson Irish Whiskey feel more contemporary and appeal to a younger target audience we took to the streets of East London for a round of urban golf.

Jameson : Urban Golf

The essence of Constructivism is about function in design, over design for design’s sake. This is reflected in the executions that were developed for this campaign.

Stolichnaya : Stolichnaya


A true insight into the reliability of Honda. Some research led us to discover that a Quad Bike was found encased in ice in the Antarctic. After being rescued it started. Not bad considering it had been buried for three years. We set out to recreate this scenario and prove that this incident was not a one-off.

Honda : Ice